Let’s go! Welcome to the first Heart & Stroke Virtual Auction.


From February 22 to March 8 at 9 p.m., let’s beat heart disease, stroke and vascular cognitive impairment in women, one bid at a time.


Thank you to our generous partners and item donors for their ongoing support.



Why support the cause?


Heart Month is a time to shine a spotlight on heart health. Many people don’t realize that shockingly, every five minutes, someone in this country still dies from heart disease, stroke and vascular cognitive impairment.


Heart disease and stroke have not gone away during the pandemic. And alarmingly, not only is the virus much deadlier for people with chronic conditions, COVID-19 can also damage previously healthy hearts and have serious impacts on the brain. Funding research breakthroughs is more urgent than ever.



Beat inequity in women’s health


In order to protect the health of all, we won’t be able to meet anywhere in the province during our various Heart & Stroke events, including the Red Dress, where we celebrate women’s health and raise public awareness of these diseases in women.


Women are not small men. Their hearts and brains are different, yet two-thirds of heart and stroke research is still based on men. Together, we can work hard to close the research gap, so more women are diagnosed early, treated properly and saved.

To learn more about cardiovascular disease in women, watch this video, presented by Pfizer, featuring Dr. Christine Pacheco, cardiologist, and Caroline Lavallée, woman living with heart disease.


Legal Notice

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