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Lot 600

Fluorescent canvas THE GUARDIANS Valued at $400
Winning bid$300.00
Winning bidderRick
Bid time08:54 pm
Offered byDioza Artiste
Bid increment$25.00

Product Description

Canvas that fluoresces in the dark. Dimensions 20 ‘x 20’

Self-taught and multidisciplinary artist, Dioza mainly uses acrylic paint enhanced with epoxy resin and phosphorescent pigments to communicate his particular vision of human life and his love of nature.

Mixed techniques are used to diversify the textures of his paintings and an amalgam of recycled materials is found there … wood, stray bird feathers, flowers, etc.

It is barefoot and sitting directly on the ground (rooting technique or Earthing) that she creates to anchor herself well to the vibrations of the Earth and that she transmits in each of her creations.

His art is both spiritual and fantastic. Rather, his works are talismans filled with puzzles and symbols that capture the light of day and light up at night in order to offer, without respite, a dream, a refuge, a reflection….

A picture is worth a thousand words it seems … so she chooses to be a model too. This allows her to express in photos, her emotions, her feelings and to assume the woman that she is.
For Dioza, each creation is an adventure, an experience, a part of the soul revealed and shared … it is much more than a simple decoration, it is an art of living.

Welcome to his world!

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The winner of this item is :Rick

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2021-03-08 20:54:25$300.00Rick Auto
2021-03-08 20:54:25$300.00Cyr André
2021-03-08 18:28:31$275.00Rick
2021-03-08 10:32:16$250.00Anthony Marinelli
2021-03-08 10:31:58$225.00Rick Auto
2021-03-08 10:31:58$225.00Anthony Marinelli
2021-03-06 21:55:26$200.00Rick
2021-03-05 10:00:12$175.00Cyr André
2021-02-23 13:22:11$150.00Anthony Marinelli
2021-02-22 00:00Starting bid is 150$